The first summer Time Trial was held on the 2.7 miles Lockerbie Loop course on 3rd May.

17 runners took part and were assigned a handicap start time based on their run times so far in the summer season (or educated guess where data was not available!). Some of the handicaps proved to be slightly wide of the mark, possibly due to a strenuous weekend of extra curricular activities, whilst others were more accurate.

A challenging headwind was present on the initial 1/4 mile but after this the run was pleasant and there was a steady stream of runners to be competitive with on the final run in.

First home on the handicapped times was Jayne Borland (who confessed her start time was possibly generous) whilst fastest on the night was guest runner Matthew Sullivan in an excellent time of (approx) 15.00 mins.

Results are available here and these will be used to set start times when the run is repeated in September.


Time Trial II

The results of the Lockerbie Loop time trial are available here.



Below are results from Winter time trials.

The page will be updated after each time trial.


ANNAN 3.8 miles.


TT1 - Calm , 9c , dry.

TT2- Calm , 6c , dry.

Peter Grant 29:04  
Andrew Kennedy 27:14 26:43
Barry Fitzgerald 32:54 31:34
Andy Render 24:04 23:24
Chris Palmer 27:10 26:23
John Green 27:17 26:48
Richard Murray 16:51 (2 miles)  
Yvonne Kerr 17:19 (2 miles)  
Janet Priestley 16:42 (2 miles) 30:00
Nicola Kennedy 16:42 (2 miles) 32:48
Louise Hopper 16:42 (2 miles)  
Emma Kerr 30:04  
Michael Kerr 24:04  
José Boardman 29:04 27:30
John Murphy                  


Darren Foley           26:00
Alan Cameron           32:48
Alan Creighton           33:00
Ernie Bryden           28:31



Distance 3.6 miles

TT1  Calm , cool 7c       Tuesday 15th December

TT2 Windy , cold , wet 4c     Tuesday 1st March

Nicola Kennedy 35:20  
Beth Webb 31:00  
Andy Render 23:21  
Alan Cameron 35:20 30:06
Andrew Kennedy 26:32  
Ernie Bryden 28:56 26:51
Kevin Plummer 31:00 23:40
Rosie Allen 28:50  
Darren Foley 27:00  
Nigel Priestley 20:09  
John Murphy   29:41
Chris Palmer   26:04
José   26:04
Janet Priestley   27:56
Barry Fitzgerald   29:10


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