04 December 2021SENIOR REPORT NOVEMBER 2021

ADAC’s winter league begins


Our ADAC handicapped track race series 3k final was held at the Everholm track in very cold conditions and after a week of delay with the recent flooding. First home in the final was Wendy Gass followed closely by the three other finalists: Alan Creighton (2nd), John Murphy (3rd) and Rowane Glendinning (4th). In the final itself we also had 2 seasons bests over the distance, Wendy shaved a whopping 46 seconds off her PB with a time of 15:00 which just held Alan off despite him knocking 36 seconds off his best time this year to finish second in 15:40. Prior to this event there was an opportunity to have a handicapped time trial over the same distance for other members with many good performances from those who took part. Linda Cameron won with a 3k PB of 15:47 followed by the ever-improving Colin Walker with a PB of 12:36. In 3rd place was Rosie Ogg followed by Gordon Vivers.


Our first race in the ADAC winter senior’s town run series has kicked off.

Starting times are handicapped according to current age grade score. There are also two leagues to earn points for. Handicapped finish position and fastest actual time achieved. Our first venue in the series was Annan, there was a super turnout of over 20 athletes who took on the challenge of just under 4 miles. Well, done everyone! Geoff McQueen came in 1st in the handicapped race in 33:15mins followed by Linda Cameron 2nd and James Taylor 3rd. James Taylor also came in 1st in the fastest actual time position with 23:41 mins, followed by Marie Marshall and Jack Johnston. It was lovely to see so many attending and thanks to Barry Fitzgerald and Norman Johnstone who did the handicapping and time keeping.


Our first winter league race took place in glorious sunshine at Hoddom. The 5-mile course was in good shape and the testing hill towards the end proved to be a talking point as runners took on the challenge of running on and off road around the golf course and back via the caravan park. Fastest on the day was James Taylor in 31:01mins followed by Joe Boardman 2nd and Jack Johnston 3rd. Whilst coach Joe Boardman took the handicapped first in 34:13mins followed by Gordon Vivers 2nd and James Taylor 3rd. Many thanks to Norman Johnston for time keeping and handicapping, Alan Creighton for marshalling and to Louise Hopper for some light refreshments afterwards.

ADAC Senior members Winter schedule has been released.


Tue 7th Dec Lockerbie town run

Sat 11th Dec Brownmoor

Sun 9th Jan Black Esk

Tue 18th Jan Gretna town run

Sat 22nd Jan Tour de Moffat

Sun 6th Feb Auchenrodden

Tue 15th Feb Moffat town run

Sat 26th Feb New Gretna route

Tue 8th Mar Lockerbie town run

Sun 20th Burnswark hill

Tue 29th Mar Annan Town

April 2nd Crooked Road

Congratulations are due for our two Marie’s.

Marie Marshall competed in the Tweed Valley Ultra. A fantastic and challenging 65km and 1575m elevation course. The route takes you through rolling hills and woodlands of the Tweed valley. Marie Marshall completed her race in 8 hours and achieved joint 4th position in her age category. What an awesome achievement.

Marie Parker has had a fantastic year she achieved her first half marathon earlier this year and now has smashed her next challenge of completing her first marathon in Newport Wales. As is normal in this event, the last 6 miles can be a struggle, but she battled on to complete the course and got that medal and t shirt. Amazing focus and dedication to her training has paid off, congratulations Marie Parker.


To end with a good thought:  “Challenge yourself and take a risk sometimes. You are stronger than you imagine.”

22 October 2021SENIOR REPORT OCT '21


ADAC on marathon tour
As the nights are drawing in the penultimate race of the ADAC Summer handicapped
track race series has taken place over the distance of a mile. Some gritty performances
from all. Wendy Gass reaped the rewards of a fine summer of continuous running to
take first place with a new PB. Narrowly ahead of Alan Creighton who has been a star
throughout the whole series. Fine running from Rosie Ogg to take 3rd place ahead of
Andrew Johnstone in 4th. Top 4 in the league: Alan Creighton, John Murphy, Rowane
Glendinning and Wendy Gass will compete for the trophy at the Everholm track at the
end of the month.
The club also completed the last of this year’s Senior summer championship races in
Gretna. Best time of the night was from Neil Richardson who obviously wasn't suffering
too much from his recent epic efforts where he'd ran somewhere in the vicinity of 70
miles. Fantastic time of 31:03. Alex Bell-Irving was in great form in the run up to his
forthcoming marathon finishing 2nd. Gordon Vivers shows no sign of slowing down as
he prepared for his back-to-back marathon efforts getting the 3rd best time of the night
and the overall best age grade by a fair margin of 79.7%.
Well, done to all joining Park runs in Dumfries, Carlisle, Stretford Park, Rothay Park and
Penrith. A great season of PB’s have been accomplished. The best park run
performance will be added to the summer championship results and the winner for this
year will be announce shortly.
It's been marathon madness month for some of our Seniors as several have taken on
the 26.2-mile challenge. A lot of hard training has been endured and three members
took on the London marathon.

Geoff McQueen passed the finishing line in 4:56:00 for Gene
People UK.

Linda Cameron in 5:05:51with donations going to local charities and Gordon
Vivers in an impressive 3:17:25 raising funds for MacMillan cancer support and The
Brain tumour charity.

Not content with the challenge of one marathon, Gordon took on
his second marathon in Manchester completing it in 3:20:46.

Our coach Norman
Johnston also completed the Manchester marathon after an intense training season in a
very respectable time.

Our last marathon runner was Alex Bell-Irving who successfully
completed the York marathon. We now await to cheer on Marie Parker who is in her final
stages on training for her first marathon due at the end of this month in Wales.
Meanwhile on both sides of the country Jo Laidlaw and Marie Marshall competed in the
Beamish 10km and Morecambe10km respectively with team Laidlaw all taking part in
both Senior and junior races over on the East coast and Marie taking first female prize
out West. Grant Seaton took part in the Barcelona half marathon, successfully
completing the course despite a difficult build up with injury. Finally, George Fraser
travelled just across the border for the Hadrian's wall half marathon and completed this
testing course with a well-earned medal. Well, done to all competing for ADAC far and


To end with a good thought: No one is born a runner, but anyone can become one.

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